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Bali Retreat for Mindful Living

Taming the Mind for Personal Well Being - Sept 4 - 18, 2015

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Personal Well Being

Personal well being is important.  It is the foundation that allows individuals are available to participate fully and intimately in relationships, families, communities and with the world.  As individuals come fully present in their own lives, they are empowered with physical


Community Well Being

As individuals increase in their own awareness, they are available to participate in their communities in an expanded way.  In knowing and understanding the connection between ourselves and those around us, we understand that without compassionate participation in community, we


Global Well Being

It is in caring for ourselves and each other that that we respect the world around us.  We understand the oneness and exchange of energy in all things.  We offer respect for our earth.  We value the usefulness of objects.


Master Chufei Tsai

Master Chufei Tsai was born in Taiwan in 1959. During her teenage years she was trained as a catholic nun and was greatly influenced by her Grand Mom, a great aboriginal healer, and her many artistic uncles. In 1978 she graduated from medical school as a Nurse and started to travel throughout Asia with her family. In 1985, she was appointed as a Master to teach others the Inner Practice from the Ancient Taoist Tradition, together with the Confucian and Buddhist philosophies for healing and well-being. Throughout the years she has traveled throughout Asia and Europe and trained many Masters to teach the Inner Practices in their own communities.

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